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    writing laptop
    Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

    How often do you wish that there were two of you? Two people with the same goals in mind, knocking tasks off your to-do list. One of you to do normal things like cooking, going to work and spending time with your family. The other, for working on your hobby or obsessing over things that get relegated to extracurricular time — after your family is asleep or while you commute to work.

    I started writing this blog in 2008 as a way to share what I was writing down somewhere else anyway — in a notebook, an app on my phone, post-it notes here and there. It hasn’t stopped since then but there are a million reasons why I haven’t posted anything new.

    Since that the last time I published a new post, it feels like my life has changed 100 times over. My drafts have piled up (128 pending in WordPress, to be specific). I planned to write about my family (+1 baby), turning 25 (+3 years), politics, technology, and of course, some of what I’ve been reading, for old times sake.

    As I try to get back into this groove, take a look at my favorite posts from the past years:

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