A random selection of musical suggestions and reviews.

  • I believe I’m going crazy*

    Back in my high school days… When socializing happened every day and my friends introduced me to a million different types of songs or wrote their own, I was never bored with music.

    Quand j’ai encore oublié un truc à l’appart et que je dois remonter les cinq étages à pied.

    Fast forward to the present, and I am extremely bored. I need music while I’m working.

    A few months ago I switched from Pandora to Spotify because the former had become too repetitive. Now I find myself cursing at Spotify. Just because I liked one Selena Gomez song or one album from Daft Punk, doesn’t mean it should be played on repeat or that I like everything from those artists. Come on, Spotify, I’m very complex and so are my tastes. I don’t want to dig tunnels to the center of the Earth to find something new. That might be part of my problem, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    I wish I had a Metal Heart on We Heart It.

    Please share good music with me, friends. If it’s on a Top 40 radio station, it’s likely I’ve heard it… a few hundred times. Any genre is fine though. Give me whatever your favorites are today, or the ones you’ve been listening to forever.

    I’ve basically resorted to creating my own random playlists and listening to them over and over. I’m a writer, not a DJ, don’t judge me. Here’s one of them on Spotify. Hopefully, it’ll do something for you on this freezing day.

    *Title from this song, which is not on Spotify:

    Happy Friday!

  • Soundtrack for a regular day

    Happy hump day, everyone. Today I got up at 7 a.m. to bring my car in for maintenance, so that was exciting. An hour in, I sat there wishing that I had a pair of headphones.

    The other night the hubby and I were talking about music in movies. We were watching “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” because he asked and I said, “Sure, whatever,” but in a super nice way. I had no idea what it was about. Picture the two of us, relaxing in bed (PG filter on here) and asking the television questions like, “Is this the Harry Potter set?” “Are we too old for this?” “Who wrote this story?”

    There’s this one scene where a pop song come on, and he asks me when the last time we’ve watched a movie with that kind of music. Not just background music, but an actual song with words in the middle of a movie. And this is why we watch movies at home, ladies and gentlemen. The song made the scene extra corny, but I’m sure the director was hoping to change the mood.

    A great song heard at the right time can change a moment, even in real life. So here’s a list of 15 songs that jumpstart my day and keep me focused. If you have any questions, feel free to heckle your computer (or leave lots of comments).

    1) Finally Moving – Pretty Lights
    If I had to add lyrics to this song, they would include something about walking across my apartment to the coffee machine. “I get a good feeling, yeah…”

    2) Hello – Karmin
    This is how I want to start my day: full of energy and ready for anything. This song is ridiculous but I keep listening just because it’s so animated.

    3) Best Day of My Life – American Authors
    Working at home takes a lot of motivation, and I definitely need it. Also, it’s winter now and getting out of bed isn’t my favorite thing to do.

    Everything between #4 to #8 is that really active part of the day, and then it’s the afternoon slump.

    9) Disparate Youth / 10) Human / 11) Take a Walk / 12) Play Hard
    There’s some point during the day when I get distracted or sidetracked by something that takes too long to do. That’s when it’s time to actually take a walk outside or take a break. Afterward more coffee may be involved, and then more work.

    The rest of the songs are for the work day winding down, ending with “Still Sane” because sometimes I go to bed glad that I am.

  • Amore

    Love is…being able to share your most ridiculous thoughts without any embarrassment. OK, maybe you’re a little embarrassed, but you don’t feel judged. Because you already know how big of a dork you are, and are simply being honest? 

    Or perhaps, there were some wiring issues on that brain to mouth filter.

    So those reprogramming jokes are *totally* appropriate.
    Love is…not for the faint of heart.