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  • underwater

    Cold water splashes, pulsing against my body. The sun heats my shoulders. I take one step in and the ocean pulls me in for another.

    It beckons. I want to float. I want to feel the waves under me, they push above.

    One slams from my left and the undertow pulls me out. Farther away, my feet are gone to the fishes.

    This is not what I wanted. I am afraid of being underwater. I belong above, with the sun’s rays and air. It is all too much for me. I can’t hold my breath for any longer. The waves are fighting hard, and I’m a weak oponent.

    With a gasp for air I realize I’m dreaming, and I don’t understand.

  • naivete

    It’s funny to grow up and finally realize the reality of those awful things people have been warning you about. I guess it could be funny, in a terribly cruel way, when you grow up and see the naïveté in your own “wise-for-my-age” words.

    “Gifts from heart should never be regretted.” 

    You think it’s a good way to comfort someone standing over the discarded pieces of their efforts. That is, until you yourself are standing over the moment — crushed. 

    But you realize that, “I really couldn’t” or “I’m sorry”, mean nothing.

    Someone you know always found a way.