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Welcome, internet friends. I'm Yevgeniya, a writer interested in exploring life through different means, especially through traveling, reading poems/literature, and meeting people. I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan when it...


Reading My First Horror Story

4 mins read

What makes the good scary story? I always thought that ghost tales told around a fire or in a dark room pretty much covered the genre. That it would be the suspense and mind-boggling monsters […]

Life, News & Culture

The news is drowning me

3 mins read

When I say “the news”, you must know what I mean? It’s everywhere, seeping into every conversation and every post I see online. I’m not here to complain, but to tell you that we might […]


Thanksgiving as an Immigrant Family

2 mins read

Every year amidst the warm chaos of Thanksgiving, I look around at my family and think, “How the heck did we get here?” There are many answers to that. How did we get here physically? […]


Walking with a Toddler

2 mins read

My day to day life involves chasing after a little girl who requires me to have a lot of energy to match hers. Being a parent is hard in a million ways that I never […]


Start Here

2 mins read

How often do you wish that there were two of you? Two people with the same goals in mind, knocking tasks off your to-do list. One of you to do normal things like cooking, going […]


We’re all too busy

2 mins read

Have you noticed that when you ask someone how they’re doing, one of the common responses is “busy”. I’m guilty of that. It’s not always a complaint. Sometimes it’s not that we’re too busy for […]

Life, News & Culture

Let’s talk about memories

5 mins read

When I wrote this in 2014, there was a viral momentum that pushed memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease into the national spotlight. Then, and even now, the United States had a problem that basically needed […]

Creative Writing, Life

Seeing Orion’s belt

2 mins read

Before we started as freshman in high school, my class was sent on a weekend trip outside of New York City. It was then that I got to know my best friend and several other […]

Everyday Poems

‘To The New Year’

2 mins read

New Year’s Eve holds a lot of promises. Whether you’re hoping to complete your resolutions and hoping for big changes, or just going about business as usual, January 1st marks the beginning of something. The start […]