• I believe I’m going crazy*

    Back in my high school days… When socializing happened every day and my friends introduced me to a million different types of songs or wrote their own, I was never bored with music.

    Quand j’ai encore oublié un truc à l’appart et que je dois remonter les cinq étages à pied.

    Fast forward to the present, and I am extremely bored. I need music while I’m working.

    A few months ago I switched from Pandora to Spotify because the former had become too repetitive. Now I find myself cursing at Spotify. Just because I liked one Selena Gomez song or one album from Daft Punk, doesn’t mean it should be played on repeat or that I like everything from those artists. Come on, Spotify, I’m very complex and so are my tastes. I don’t want to dig tunnels to the center of the Earth to find something new. That might be part of my problem, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    I wish I had a Metal Heart .tumblr.com on We Heart It.

    Please share good music with me, friends. If it’s on a Top 40 radio station, it’s likely I’ve heard it… a few hundred times. Any genre is fine though. Give me whatever your favorites are today, or the ones you’ve been listening to forever.

    I’ve basically resorted to creating my own random playlists and listening to them over and over. I’m a writer, not a DJ, don’t judge me. Here’s one of them on Spotify. Hopefully, it’ll do something for you on this freezing day.

    *Title from this song, which is not on Spotify:

    Happy Friday!