Hello from Japan

1 min read

Here I am sitting on the famous Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen). Just a few weeks ago, I was at home thinking about what exciting things waited for me in this country. Tuesday will conclude two […]


Party outside for your health

6 mins read

If you’ve lived through what feels like an endless winter haze (like we’ve seen here in the Northeast), the beginning of summer requires a celebration. Even on the sunniest days, it was just too hard to […]


What keeps a couple together for decades?

1 min read

For years and years and years, I kept saying that I would spend some time interviewing my grandparents. They have a tremendous history both in their lives together, and separately. I won’t get into all […]

News & Culture

What’s it like in space?

3 mins read

      When I discovered Chris Hadfield’s tweets last spring, I was obsessed. Seriously, I turned into a one woman fan club when I emailed new photos to my family, probably with the subject […]