We’re all too busy

We’re all too busy

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Have you noticed that when you ask someone how they’re doing, one of the common responses is “busy”. I’m guilty of that. It’s not always a complaint. Sometimes it’s not that we’re too busy for our friends, but we unintentionally make ourselves appear off limits to people who are trying to connect.

Maybe it’s just me and my friends, but it seems that everyone is always busy. Actually busy. Between work, activities, family or partner commitments, it’s a game in itself to schedule a date. Let me tell you something, it’s possible. Friends like attention. That’s how they stay your friends, I’ve learned. Granted, I might be spoiled because my best friend/husband is also my live-in coworker. Yes, we work in the same home office, we have almost every meal together, we go to the movies together.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve written something new for this site. So long in fact that I hesitated before remembering what to type into the browser. The slight lapse in memory might simply be from how tired I am today. Everyone says they’re busy, and I don’t know if I’m more or less busy that you, but I am tired. And I’m tired of being too tired to write anything for myself. There aren’t many people reading, but I’m going to tell you anyway that I’m working on a few new posts. Hopefully you will see those soon. Maybe even one that’s interesting.

Are you one of those people who always says they’re busy when friends ask? Stop that. Go outside. Have coffee with your neglected friends and tell them about what you’re working on. It might be another committement, but you’ll likely both appreciate it. It seems that life only gets busier, and one day you might your friend to make space in their schedule for you too.

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  1. My dream come true. I was so busy, everyone were so busy, but I still was hoping to read nice article that you will write sooner or later.

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