Tranquil Tuesday: Fearless

fearless powerful frankenstein

Frankenstein’s monster, like any stranger in the night, wants someone to love. Of course his problem is that he can’t love just anyone, and Dr. Frankenstein refuses to create his match. So the monster tries to solve it the only way he can — with a threat. His strength and wit should not be underestimated, the monster tells his creator.

If things aren’t going the way you want this week, try saying this simple line out loud. (Picture yourself eight-feet tall if you need to). You’ll get a few looks if you’re in the office or shopping for groceries, but you’ll remember the things that you are capable of.

Despite the events throughout the rest of the novel, it is in this one moment that Frankenstein’s monster says that he has the same free will that we are all born with and takes responsibility for the things to come.

If you want to read the full novel online, it’s available through The Gutenberg Project.

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