What keeps a couple together for decades?

For years and years and years, I kept saying that I would spend some time interviewing my grandparents. They have a tremendous history both in their lives together, and separately. I won’t get into all of it here, except to share a part of an interview with my grandfather. They spent 68 years together and I think my grandpa does a great job of communicating what went on between them. Unfortunately my grandmother isn’t part of this, as she passed away in 2018.

This is a huge project with a lot of editing to go, and a totally new medium for me as well. Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions.

A special shout out to my parents for checking my translation. And to my grandpa, who doesn’t use the Internet — you’re the best. Now everyone knows.

8 thoughts on “What keeps a couple together for decades?

  1. Victoria says:

    OMG. This is so cute! And so touching! *wipes tears from face* Awesome editing, and beautiful excerpt from the interview I can’t wait to see more of!!!

  2. Mariya says:

    Great story, great people, great job. Please, amaze us with a new stories soon.

    1. Yev says:

      Thank you! Thinking of doing something similar for Valentine’s Day with my friends.


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