Guillermo del Toro does "The Simpsons"

I rarely watch The Simpsons (and I really haven’t had cable for a few years), but somehow I always stumble across the show’s Halloween specials. This year I heard some talk on the interweb about Guillermo del Toro taking over.

If you’re not familiar with del Toro, he is a Mexican writer/director/producer who has had a lot of success in the U.S. His work includes Hellboy, Blade II, Pacific Rim, and one of my personal favorites: Pan’s Labyrinth. (See the full list on IMDB).

If you’ve seen any of those movies, you will be able to spot del Toro’s references in the Simpsons intro. There are tons of classic movie monsters and authors that appear as well. It’s fun to follow along to the end, and actually know what’s going on.

Jacob Green at ScreenCrush wrote a really awesome recap of all the cameos and references. I can’t beat it, so you have my blessing to click on the article¬†here.

Did you watch the entire Simpsons episode? What did you think of del Toro’s references?

What do you think?

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