Hello November.

Although it is beautiful now, November is always an annoying month for me. It’s always too indecive between fall and winter. I hate when it gets real cold and I have to put on more than a jacket. Too many layers to worry about; too many hats to keep track of.

November also means that the semester is almost over. I’m actually terrified. My first semester as a college student has gone by faster than I imagined. I’ve been so busy but I’ve also been keeping myself extra busy when I don’t have to be. When I wasn’t running around, I think I was sleeping. Sleep has gained so much value this month. I’m trying to beat procrastination down once and for all and get a good nights sleep everyday. (A girl can dream).
I think I’m doing well in all of my classes. Chemistry, though, sends me on an emotional and mental rollercoaster so I’m not even going to think about it.
Outside of class, I actually got involved in some things. I am really proud of myself for balancing everything. Outside of general meetings, I am helping to organize a “Hunger and Homeless awareness/benefit” concert at Hunter. Regardless of the fact that there are three people working on this project, I know the event will be really cool.
Overall, I’m pretty stressed day to day and tired to the max, but I am definitely really happy right now. I’m learning to focus on what I’ve accomplished and set real goals. This event and organizing it is making me feel really good. I really can’t wait for more things to come..

What do you think?

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