London, UK

I wander thro’ each charter’d street,

Near where the charter’d Thames does flow,
And mark in every face I meet
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

I’m sitting in a dorm room and I just saw a boy chuck a coffee cup off his balcony, right into traffic. This traffic which moves on the opposite (left) side of the road. The cars appear as if they have no drivers to the untrained (American) eye! 

So, I’m in London. It’s all been exciting and scary since my parents dropped me off at JFK. I’m helping myself by pretending that I know where I am at all times with the help of William Blake and Google Maps! (As if tons of poetry will replace any 21st century experiences). I’ll be here for about four months, one school semester. About 2983 miles (5580 Km) from home. This really isn’t helping. I’m more excited than homesick.

My brain is pretty eager to note all of the things that aren’t New York City.

I’ll love it here.

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