Packing problems

Packing problems

Caïn by Henri Vidal thinking about the TSA.

Fun fact about me: Going on vacation stresses me out. From the process of packing to getting to the airport and getting to the destination is usually a headache. And packing a suitcase, don’t get me started. I always lie awake the night before trying to think of something I’ve forgotten.

Here’s what drives me crazy about packing and traveling:

– Planning, because does anyone actually pack more than a day ahead?
–  Picking out too many pieces of clothing. (There are obviously people to impress in vacationland).
– Strategically placing items like perfumes and make-up so they’re safe. (Baggage guys, I don’t trust you).
– Where do the shoes go?
– How many shoes?
– Folding all of the clothes. We know it’s coming out wrinkled on the other side.
– Reminding myself not to forget a toothbrush and toothpaste. (Bless you hotels that have free ones).
– Forgetting something despite reminding myself. I’ll remember when we’re on the highway.
– Closing all of the caps! Ziploc bags are my friends here.
– Getting to the check-in area past the maze of confused and wandering people.
– When TSA asks for my name and where I’m going.
(If you’re wondering, this blog has a great list of things NOT to say to a TSA agent).
– Becoming nervous for no reason at all.
– Thinking about all of the scary second-hand information I’ve received when walking through the body scanner, because: logic.
– The airplane part.

What’s awesome about it all?
Remembering your’e going on vacation. Mojitos and sunshine, we will unite soon!

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