Around The World in a Daydream

I have been sitting here all day and pretending that it’s still summer. From my window, the weather is beautiful and there is a nice breeze. Jack Johnson strumming and singing in the background really gets my brain going. I’m just daydreaming.

This past summer was my first trip to Spain, or even Europe. (First – hoping that it is the start of a long list of trips). The ten days I spent there were amazing. To describe it with simply a word is unjust. It was such a new experience for me. The culture was different, the geography was new and the people were beautiful. The lifestyle was much slower and easier to take in. If the opportunity to live there ever arises, I would certainly take it.

man painting in a square

Park Guell, designed by Gaudi

Mont Serrat

Top of Mont Serrat

I have so many dreams, hopes, goals that I start to make these ridiculous lists sometimes. I try to live my life in a way that they are kept in check and so that I can stay motivated. It sounds so ambitious, but these “dreams” make everyday tasks seem very tedious. I figure that if I don’t do half the things I wanted to do in my life, at least I would have been going in the right direction. I have already been so lucky but that should never stop anyone.

What do you think?

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